Webb points finger at Craig Bellamy

Craig Bellamy might not be too happy with the statements of former English Premier League top referee, Howard Webb.

The highly respected ex-referee named Bellamy as the most difficult player he dealt with during his time in the Premier League. Webb provides key referring decisions analysis for BT Sports. He definitely risked further clashes with Reds fans, particularly as he enjoys a chequered with them during his time as the boss in games.

The former police officer said the former Liverpool player was always quick to give his opinion and rarely listened when spoken to. He named the former Wales international as a player that gave him the most trouble in games throughout his 11-year career in the Premier League.

"I think the Premier League player who gave me the most grief would be Craig Bellamy. I struggled to gain a rapport with Craig. Again, being balanced, [he was] a great footballer and he might be a lovely kid away from the game, but on the pitch he was always quick with an opinion and didn't want to listen to yours so much and I found it quite difficult to gain a rapport,” said Webb.

He added that there are other players many might quickly point to but surprisingly, he was always able to converse with them.

"There are other players who you think might fall into that category. Players like Joey Barton and Robbie Savage who wore their heart on their sleeve but would actually enter into dialogue and I found that quite healthy and I was happy to referee those types of characters,” Webb revealed.

Webb would always be remembered by the Liverpool fans for the number of controversial decisions he made against them. Ryan Babel mocked the referee in a Manchester United kit years ago after an FA loss to United. Steven Gerrard was sent off and United awarded a penalty in the first minute.