There have been calls for Peter Whittinghamto take up management in the Welsh club’s set-up.

The Bluebirds legend is set to end his long spell with the club. As he hangs up his boots, there have been calls that the player be retained to help with the academy.

Cardiff City have struggled to get top notch coaches at their academies for long. There have always been individuals helping the young talents at the academies grow but they usually lack concrete field experience or individualistic technical genius to help the rising stars develop as much.

The top sides in the world usually get their best retired players and who trained at the academy to help out in growing the next generation. The young stars have read about him, see what he has done and they are more willing to sit at his feet.

A few persons have called for the inclusion of Danny Gabbidon in City academy. The ex star seemed to have the flair for management but the club should have had some sort of arrangement instead of letting him go after his time as caretaker.

The club should really work with Whittingham, convincing him to help in youth development except he strongly insists otherwise. He has played at a top level for such a long time that his experience would help the young lads. The veteran cannot be on compared to young coaches who just received their badges. It would also help to have a pathway for former players to go into management after an illustrious career.
Neil Warnock has been incredible as City manager but if his set, alongside Ronnie Jepson and Kevin Blackwell, exit what would be left? Even Craig Bellamy might not be ready to take the plunge.

Whittingham could be placed on a certain number of games or a reduced time in the senior team whilst he helps the youngsters follow his path.