Cardiff City legend Craig Bellamy says he has big plans for the club after he returned to take the role of Player Development Manager.

He is working with the Bluebirds Academy manager James McCarthy to help the feeder team develop.

Craig Bellamy Begins Shakeup of Cardiff Under-23 Team

Cardiff City have made it a priority to revamp the entire youth setup at the club in the hope of being self-sufficient.

The club recently brought in former star Craig Bellamy as the person in charge of the youth development. The arrival of former star, who has also played for Liverpool, Manchester City, and West Ham, has already had big implications for the youth setup at the club. A number of players aged between 19 and 23 have been allowed to leave the club on a permanent basis, while some are in discussions with interested parties in order to seek a move.

Howard Webb has picked Craig Bellamy as the grumpiest one

Of all the players he came across while officiating matches all over the globe, Howard Webb has picked Craig Bellamy as the grumpiest one.

Webb says that Bellamy might not be a grumpy fellow off the ground, but, on the ground, as a referee you could see the grumpy side of him when you passed a verdict against his team. Whichever position he was at, he would straightaway run to you and let you know how wrong a decision you made and you could not explain your point to him because he would not pay any attention to what you had to say. He would just speak his own thing. So in that way he was the toughest to handle.

Webb points finger at Craig Bellamy

Craig Bellamy might not be too happy with the statements of former English Premier League top referee, Howard Webb.

The highly respected ex-referee named Bellamy as the most difficult player he dealt with during his time in the Premier League. Webb provides key referring decisions analysis for BT Sports. He definitely risked further clashes with Reds fans, particularly as he enjoys a chequered with them during his time as the boss in games.


Vincent Tan, the Malaysian businessman and investor who owns Cardiff City football club seems set to start Craig Bellamy on managerial road with Under-18s role.

The Welsh man played for Cardiff 91 times and helped them into the Premier League in 2013 with 6 goals in 55 appearances, the first time they had been in the top-flight for half a century. By scoring for Cardiff, the ex-Liverpool man became the first player in Premier League history to score a goal for seven different teams.


Hull City had managed to put Chris Coleman in a dilemma by making a tempting offer to him, but, as the former Swansea City player recalled the happy faces of the fans that he had seen on his return from Euro, he quickly shrugged the thought of switching the job off his head and said no to the Yorkshire club.

Coleman confesses to have got interested in the offer for a second or two because it had come from the Premiership which is an aspiration for any coach.

Bellamy Says England Will Struggle against Wales’ Unity

Craig Bellamy has responded angrily to Jack Wilshere’s comments about England being the better team than Wales at the Euro 2016.

The Arsenal midfielder was speaking ahead of the meeting between the two teams in the group stages. After having started the Euro 2016 with a 2-1 win over Slovakia, there is now less pressure on Wales to get three points against England. In the meantime, the rivals could only manage a 1-1 draw with Russia in the opening group match. After having failed immensely in recent major tournaments, the pressure is on England to get a result against Wales.


London hosted the last Olympics back in 2012 and the football tournament is not one to forget in a hurry.

The Football Associations of the rest of Great Britain told England that they did not want their players from being picked for the competition, leaving England largely on their own. Stuart Pearce was in charge of the football team of Great Britain. It was difficult but the coach was able to force some Welsh players into the team.

Bellamy says that West Ham is lucky to have Dimitri Payet

Dimitri Payet has been one of the players that has sparked life to the 2016 Euro’s as the Frenchman is one of the standout performers of the international competition after having scored against Romania and Albania.

France are considered to be one of the favorites of winning the 2016 Euro’s and considering that they have top and well known players such as: Antoine Griezmann, Paul Pogba, Raphael Varane, Patrice Evra and Yohan Cabaye, just to name a few of the more well-known and recognized players in the French national football team.

Craig Bellamy is certain that Wales will qualify for the 2016 Euro’s

The former footballer Craig Bellamy is extremely confident that the Welsh national football team will be able to make it past the group stages of the 2016 Euro’s and this will not be an easy task to accomplish, especially considering the fact that Wales was pitted in the same group as England, Russia and Slovakia.