Jenkins reveals details about Swansea's financial situation

The chairman of Swansea City, Huw Jenkins a few months ago revealed to the public that the club is looking for ways to increase their commercial income as they are ‘’miles behind’’ most of their rivals in the Premier League.
Swansea City are currently competing in the top tier English League, the Premier League and have been doing so for the past few years but there is a financial gap that exists between certain clubs that can affect how well a squad performs as well as make a difference in the amount of high profile players which are performing in a club.
Jenkins unveiled details concerning the financial situation of Swansea City and how they are working on increasing their income.
“At the moment, the income levels we have are basically just linked to the football side of things television revenue and that sort of thing. The only other way we have got to bring money in is trading players. They are the only tools we can use to make money, so the commercial aspect is something we have to look at’’

"We have to find ways of bringing in extra income. It's difficult for a club like us down in south Wales to do that, but we have got to find a way of attracting big money and big sponsors from around the world." Jenkins told reporters.

It is believed that Swansea City are currently going through a series of discussions and meeting with wealthy individuals from around the world with the possibility of attracting investors into the club that could buy shares and bring in more cash to the club that wants to continue competing in the Premier League and not fall behind to other teams in England.

There are even rumors of the head officials of Swansea thinking about building their own stadium as this can create another option or source of income and not have to rely solely on television money or transfers from selling players.