Graeme Souness Is Called Out as a Bully by Andy Cole

Graeme Souness has always been the centre of controversy throughout his career. At the recent time, he has been called by Andy Cole as a bully during his time at Blackburn Rovers. He was the coach of Blackburn Rovers from 2000 to 2004 and he led Rovers to the Premier League promotion in the year 2001. After a year later,they won the FootballLeagueCup but he was reported to Professional Footballers Association by Cole for unfair treatment.

Souness has had rows with many people if it was in studio, pitch or in the dugouts. He had even threatened Craig Bellamy when he was the manager of Newcastle United.
Craig Bellamy started his club career at Norwich City and later was transferred to Coventry City and then to Newcastle United where he spends his career from 2001 to 2005.During that time, Graeme Souness came as the new coach, Bellamy and hedidn’t have a good understanding which led to many clashes between them.
Bellamy had a fiery character then and when they both ended up clashing with each other. They had an argument in the match when he was replaced by a substitute and he was caught to be swearing at the coach.
Even though Souness missed the moment at that time, but later, he called a team meeting where he threatened Bellamy. Later on, there were many disagreements with both the people and,in 2005, he spent a year Celtic for loan. Later on, he was transferred to Blackburn Rovers and he spent the later years of his career in different clubs, which includes Liverpool, Manchester City, West Ham, and Cardiff City.
Later Bellamy worked as an academy coach at Cardiff City but in 2019, he stepped off from the position due to the accusation of him bullying a young player. He is currently working as the under 21 coach of Anderlecht.