Craig Bellamy Steps Down from the Assistant Coach Position

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A former Welsh footballer, Craig had been working on the managerial staff of Vincent Kompany. However, there have surfaced recent allegations of his bullying which has surfaced in the under-18s team. He had been a striker in teams like Manchester City and Liverpool. After retirement, he has been in the managerial role of different teams.

In August this year, he helped Melbourne team Storm to gain victory over the Panthers team. It was a moment when he showed his masterstroke, taking certain player decisions that helped his team win from an underdog position even. He put Cameron Munster in the fullback position and Nelson Asofa-Solomona in the edge back-rower. This resulted in a shakeup which led to a great triumph. It led to a score of 16-0.


However, after that, the assignment of assistant coach with the U-18s has not been as good. This was the role that he was currently doing in Anderlecht. However, after receiving a complaint of bullying from one of the parents of the young players, an investigation is being done into him. Hence, Craig Bellamy is retiring from this role, at the age of 42 years. The reasons cited are mental health issues.
Craig, in his defense, refuted all allegations that were made against him. However, at the same time, he volunteered to step down from his assistant coach position on Cardiff City’s Under 18 team. The allegation was made by the parents of a young footballer. They said that his behavior towards their son was akin to bullying. Craig informed the media that he was aware of the allegations made against him. While he defended himself he admitted that he would remove himself from the coaching position. This will help him cooperate with the inquiry and investigations being carried out by the club.