Craig Bellamy: A look back at a troubled Career.

Craig Bellamy is a player that his career suggests that there could have been more from the player. Checking through the list of clubs he played for his stints at Manchester City and Liverpool are the major reference points of his career.

The Welsh forward began his career at Norwich City scoring a good return of 32 goals in 84 appearances for the club which earned him a record transfer move to Coventry. However, his volatile and weird character which would affect his career showed at the club as he scored a paltry 6 goals in a season which saw the club relegated from the Premier League.

Subsequent moves to Newcastle, Celtic failed to showcase his talent properly before he signed for Blackburn in 2005. Bellamy at Blackburn was one of the key players in the club’s excellent season in which Blackburn qualified for the Europa League after finishing 6th on the table.

His performances drew the attention of the top clubs and he moved to Liverpool in the summer of 2006. His time at Anfield was notable for the golf club incident in which he attacked his teammate Arne Risse with a golf club during a training retreat in Portugal.

After a single season with the club, he moved to West Ham before securing a big move to Manchester City. He was one of the key players under Mark Hughe with his combination of pace and power proving a nightmare for defenders.

His performances in the 4-3 loss to United in derby saw Bellamy at his finest, as he terrorised United’s defence scoring to goals. Just like his previous stints Bellamy did not last long at the Etihad and left the season after to boyhood club Cardiff City.

“Subsequent stints at Liverpool proved to be underwhelming before he returned to Cardiff to end his career“. Bellamy has proven to be a decent pundit “after his playing career“ with Sky Sports providing in-depth knowledge.

However, his recent accusation of bullying as a coach of Cardiff youth team suggests that the volatile nature that plagued his playing career could affect his young coaching career.