Craig Bellamy changed many Clubs during his Football Career

Craig Bellamy has experimented going through and playing on a number of different clubs throughout his career which includes: Norwich City, Newcastle United, Liverpool, Manchester City and Cardiff City. Those are just some of the clubs and teams that the retired Welsh footballer has joined and performed in but now that the Welsh has decided to hang up his boots and stop playing at a competitive stage, there are rumors and reports claiming that he is going to become the next coach of Cardiff City.

Malky Mackay was sacked from the managerial position at Cardiff City on December 27 of 2013 and Craig Bellamy was asked if he would want to coach one of his former clubs but the Welsh retired footballer responded by saying that it would not had been a good choice for Cardiff City and turned down the coaching option.

“I’m not right for the club at this present moment, they need to go a different direction and the club’s not right for me at this present moment. I wouldn’t be a good enough manager, it deserves better than me at the present moment.” Craig Bellamy said as he turned down the choice of coaching Cardiff City.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was selected as the successor of Malky Mackay but Gunnar Solskjaer only lasted 9 months in the managerial position after a series of disappointing results saw Cardiff City getting relegated and left the team fighting in the lower spots of the Championship League.

Cardiff City is going through a tough time trying to select the appropriate man to take charge of the squad and guide them to success and Craig Bellamy was being viewed and still is being taken into consideration for this coaching position in the club but Bellamy stated that he needs time to just relax after he announced and completed his retirement at the end of the previous season.

“I do realize if I do go into management, that’s why it’s not going to be for a few years. I want this time and I need this time to relax and enjoy things, take a step back, but I do know the intensity I’ll need to work at as a manager will be 20 hours a day. So I need this period, I need a couple of years to relax.” Craig Bellamy added on.