The Cardiff city defender Ben Turner is of the opinion that the former Manchester city and Liverpool striker Craig Bellamy will be a major source of goals for the club in the second half of the season. The Welsh international recently returned to the Cardiff city starting line-up.

Even though he has scored just three goals in the 12 appearances for the team, Turner believes that he will hit his peak once he has played 10 matches because it is usually the threshold for a player who has just returned from injury. Cardiff city will have the opportunity to use Bellamy in the match against Peterborough United this weekend.

This match also provides a perfect opportunity for the 32-year-old to get some confidence under the belt because Peterborough United are currently bottom of the table. They will be coming up against a team that is at the top of the table. After struggling to get promotion to the play-offs over the past few seasons, Cardiff finally look to get into the Premier league through automatic places. Turner has said that due to the fact that Bellamy has played at the very top level, he will be able to provide them with massive experience over the rest of the campaign.

“Bellers is going to be a huge threat in 2013. He changes games, scores important goals and is a massive influence on the rest of the players here. Any player needs 10 games to be firing on full cylinders and when Craig gets those under his belt he will be a massive threat. He has played at the top level and knows what is needed," said Ben Turner in a recent interview. After the match against Peterborough United, the club will be featuring the likes of Leicester City and Crystal Palace.