The Australian soccer season

The Australian A-League season is fast approaching the end of the regular season – with this weekend being week 24 of the 27 that make up this part of the season. Thus a lot of those interested in betting on the winners of the A-League will be eager to get their bets in before the top six sides at the end of regular season move on to the elimination finals. At the moment, you could either bet on which teams will make it to this stage, or on the outright winners of the championship, but are there any tips to help with this?

Well in terms of which teams will make the finals, it would seem certain that Western Sydney, Central Coast Mariners, Melbourne Victory and Adelaide United are already there. There are several sides battling over the fifth and sixth places, including one of the more successful A-League sides in Brisbane Roar. They are currently in sixth position, and it would be a shock if they failed to make the finals, which is reflected in their odds of just 9/1 for the title – despite being nearly 20 points behind Western Sydney at this stage of the regular season. They could still represent a good bet for the A-League outright.

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